10 Ways to Unleash the Potential of Your Blank Walls

by Decorate My Walls April 04, 2016

  • Assemble a Gallery


    Use a blank wall to exhibit your best photos, be they of family or life’s adventures. You'll become curator of a gallery that will interest your guests and let you take a walk down memory lane each time you pass by.

    Photo: Shelterness

  • Display Dishes


    Make a big impression by artfully displaying a collection of dishes or other objects on a blank wall. Use objects that are similar in color and tone; for example, devise an arrangement of simple white plates of varying shapes. A scheme using mirrors, hats, or vintage posters would be just as compelling. Let your creativity run wild.

    Photo: Thistlewoodfarms.com

  • Play With Plants


    Breathe life into a room with a living wall of lush plants. Any well-lit, vertical space is a suitable environment. A living wall is not only a beautiful design feature, but it can also reduce noise, improve indoor air quality, and relieve stress through its calming effects. Can’t you just smell the pretty?

    Photo: Freshome

  • Show Off Mirrors


    Round up an assortment of mirrors and hang them in attractive groupings, and your blank wall will become an artful centerpiece. A cluster of mirrors lends drama and distributes reflective light throughout your space as well.

    Photo: Thistlewoodfarms.com

  • Install Salvaged Wood


    Give a blank wall a warm, rustic finish with an expanse of salvaged wood. Because every board has a story, the highly individual color and texture of weathered wood can imbue a once-sterile space with character.

    Photo: Famuratbuilders.com

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