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Welcome to Old School Roofing & Construction, a reliable company with more than a decade of history in installing, and repairing roofs. Our solutions are second to none. Committed to delivering first-class quality roof replacement and other services, we keep ourselves updated with the latest techniques, standards, and products. We do innovation with a cause. Explore our website in Charlotte, NC, and find out what our team has in store for you.

Services We Offer

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

We provide a wide variety of residential roofing services, such as roof installation, repairs, and replacement. We also perform inspections and work with insurance companies to help clients with the financing.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Work with experts well-versed in different commercial roofing materials such as built-up roofing membrane, thermoset roof membrane, and green roofing. We can work on flat roofs, regardless of their sizes or designs.

Gutter Installation

Gutter Installation

Gutters come in different styles. They are also made in different types of materials. Its properties can highly affect its performance and durability so let us help you pick the best one for their home or commercial building.

Gutter Leaf Guards

Gutter Leaf Guards

We highly recommend installing a gutter leaf guard if you’re house is built under a big tree. Unwashed leaves on your gutter can block water pathways. Get our roofing service before they cause problems.

Consult Us Today

Your vision is our plan. Your problem is our concerns. So, make sure to tell us everything you want to happen for the project. Don’t hesitate to give us a concrete idea about your expected budget. We’re your ally. Finding ways to offer sustainable and affordable roofing solutions is part of our specialties. So that we can give you feasible solutions, make sure to set a date for the site inspection. We also want to meet you personally to have one on one talk with you about the project’s details.

We’ll give you options, and we’ll adjust them based on your suggestions or concerns. Once it has been finalized, we’ll then proceed with the execution which includes site preparation and products’ procurement. Every task we have promised to perform we’ll be meticulously delivered within the set timeframe. They’ll undergo strict quality evaluation too, and we won’t leave the site unless we made sure that they passed our high-quality roofing standards.

Friendly Reminders

To save money, more and more people are planning to DIY their projects, repairing and installing roofing included. Although it may look like an affordable option than the roofing service, that’s not true for everyone. You need tools, proper equipment, and knowledge to complete the job. Just by taking the wrong approach, you can damage your roofing or get into an accident. Such problems may still occur while working with professionals but since many of them, like Old School Roofing & Construction, hold accountable for their mistakes, you’ll get an assurance in exchange for your trust.

Are you looking for a reliable commercial and residential roofing company in Charlotte, NC? Call Old School Roofing & Construction today at (704) 818-4188.

Client’s Testimonial

My Best Choice

You did a great job! Aside from the affordability of your roof replacement service, what I like about your company is your excellent working ethics. You listen, and you understand me. You lead your team well. I'm amazed that despite the thinness of my metal roofing, you didn't puncture it like my previous roofer.  

Old School Roofing & Construction
Address: Charlotte, NC 28226
Phone: (704) 818-4188

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